Benefits of Having a Digital Screen Printing Machine

The demands on manufacturing facilities are changing as they move away from mass production and toward the high-mix, low-volume manufacture of various products. Yet, the digital screen printing machine demand is growing in popularity. With plateless digital printing, small runs of a variety of products can be printed quickly at a reduced cost.

Because of this, different printing patterns can be used based on the customer’s needs, the artist’s inspiration, or the time of year. Producing on the outskirts of cities, at the point of consumption, reduces distribution times and costs thanks to the availability of hygienic working environments enabled by space-saving equipment.

A digital screen printing machine is a crucial piece of equipment for every professional screen-printer. You’ll see immediate benefits from upgrading from a manual t-shirt printing press to an automated one. In short, you’ll be able to print t-shirts more rapidly and reliably than ever. We struggled to choose just five advantages of installing autonomous printing equipment in your business.

No Prior Experience is Necessary

Manual printing is an Art Form. Many factors to remember, such as print angle and squeegee pressure. Every printer has trouble ensuring that identical prints can be made repeatedly. If you want consistently high-quality printing, invest in an automatic machine. The mechanical press operator’s job is to ensure the shirt is placed correctly on the press.

Faster Outcome with Minimum Hard Work

When compared to hand-pulled prints, mechanized screen printing is noticeably quicker. There is a sixfold increase in speed for a six-colour project and a fourfold increase for a four-colour design. You’ll be able to print larger runs and more tasks immediately because of this boost in output speed. The limitations of hand printing won’t force you to turn down business.

Printing by hand requires much effort. Standing and squeegeeing all day might be exhausting. An autonomous screen printing press eliminates the stress associated with the process. Envision yourself relaxing and enjoying your time off from work. It’s not normal to feel achy after a day of silk screening. Getting an automatic is a way to go in terms of convenience and comfort.

Stable Output:

Every screen printer is capable of manually producing a few dozen attractive t-shirts. Up until lunchtime, skilled screen printers can maintain consistency in their prints. Following that, consistency is lost from image to print and shirt to shirt. Admit it, we all get tired, even the best among us. The heavy arms and aching wrists cause squeegee pressure and angle variations. This results in issues when looking at the finished product.

Easy to Use and Cost Efficient

Printing without plates and using fewer manufacturing steps results in lower production costs. Anyone may easily print, thanks to a straightforward method. You’ll find that an autonomous screen printing press is your best employee. It never requests time off or calls in sick. It would be the finest thing to add to an expanding shop or the best approach to expand your current shop.

Final Thoughts:

Using water-based CMYK inks, you design the image you want to print on your computer monitor and print it straight on the cloth using digital screen printing techniques. The method enables you to print millions of different colours and colour combinations, similar to how inkjet printers work.



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